Saturday Night Slice #5 The Guts of It: The Big Fat V Blog

Howdy hobgoblins and hooligans, welcome back to another Saturday Night Slice! And in case you’re wondering about that-there-title, it’s just a tincy-wincy ref to Frank Miller’s The Big Fat Kill from his Sin City graphic novels (which is a great read I must say). Tonight’s blog is my 5th blog, so I’m gonna be short and sweet with ya’ll. I’ll be talking about the journey so far in the blogosphere and where we go from here!

And stick around after tonight’s Guts of It for news on next Saturday night’s blog!

What The Blog?!#@!

First let me say, thank you, to everyone “liking” or “commenting” and just giving general-all-around-good-feedback about the blog thus far. You know who you are, and I love all you guys’ support and your input. As I branch out locally to find writers of like-mindedness, it’s nice to know I’ve already found some here in Blogtopia.

Second, I want you to know that if I’m following your blog that I try to be as proactive and on top of what’s happening in your neck of the woods as I can. There’s a lot of blogs and bloggers out there and before getting into a debate of whose got a better blog than who, I’ll just say for the blogs I follow, your blogs, are of my taste…and I’m a picky eater! 

And Finally, my format…

Some of my friends say they want “more of my opinion” in my blogs, alluding to how short my blogs actually are and lacking in my “personal thoughts.”

What do I say to this???

I think each blog has a voice and an audience it is trying to reach. What I want from mine is simple: I want you to have a blog to go to (this blog) that is quick and to the point. Insightful? Yes. Fun? Absolutely! But lengthy? Hardly.

Look, we’re just starting this conversation (you “the reader” and me “the writer”) and well, I don’t want you to have to commit too much of your time to me (yet). I mean, that would be like going on a first-date with some guy/girl who wouldn’t shut up about their views on pottery barns? the Kardashians?! or why Bruce-Campbell-is-a-f*#%ing-god!!!…but I digress…

For now, and the foreseeable future, you can count on Saturday Night Slice to be the place you can visit to tantalize your thoughts. The secret-weekend-bizarre-fix you take while between drinks with your friends, doing your taxes, or downloading your black-market copy of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. 

Next week, the Guts of It opinion blog will discuss the other more ancient forgotten arts of storytelling: audio-readings. We’ll also be answering questions and responding to comments from the week.

Until then have a great weekend! And we’ll see you back here next week at 8 pm (EST) for another Saturday Night Slice!