Saturday Night Slice #7 Under The Stairs: Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing

The grueling angst-ridden-week has been survived w/ all its incessant-nihilistic-tormentors. Ahhh, at last we can rest w/ ease upon our ochre-plaid-lazy-boys, to sip cold sweaty bottles of delicious girly-Mike’s-Lemonade? But wait! The cellar! We forgot to restock our supplies of Chex-Mix for the Mayan-Zombie-Apocalypse! Batten-down-the-hatches, zip up your pitched tents, another Saturday Night Slice is nigh!!!

On this edition of Under The Stairs we take a look at Alan Moore’s visionary take on DC Comics’ Swamp Thing. That’s right, before Alan Moore startled the world with his chilling tale of Jack The Ripper in From Hell or his ground breaking graphic novel The Watchmen, DC Comics gave a “no name writer” a hack at this elemental monstrosity, Swamp Thing.

And stick around after tonight’s Under The Stairs for news on next Saturday night’s blog!   















Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing…

A “scientist guy” gets blown out of his lab into a swamp, to emerge from the murk with swampy-powers. So how is that scary?!?! Give to Alan Moore annnd Wa-lah! The man-turned-monster is now only the monster or as Alan Moore so eloquently puts it “a vegetable with delusions of grandeur.” But how is that scary? How could waking up to realize, everything you felt, dreamed, hoped for, desired physically, mourned, was nothing more than a ghost-print, a carbon-copy, of somebody else’s. Experiences you had absorbed through your root system like any other plant, but add some super-goo, mix well, and you are…what are you?

A study in the horror that exists, feeds, in those muddy faceless depths of what it means to be (and not be) a human organism…

“There is a red and angry world. Red things happen there. The world eats your wife. Eats your friends. Eats all of the things that make you human. And you become a monster.”

-Swamp Thing

Have you ever checked out Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing or know of any other great finds missed by most avid horror fans, please share! With your comments below! 

Tune in next week on some exciting new changes happening at Saturday Night Slice and a very secret-fantastical-surprise I got in store for yall! Have a great weekend! And we’ll see you back here next week for another Saturday Night Slice!

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