Saturday Night Slice #8 The Guts of It: Getting Published…When a Writer’s Fingers Lose Their Virginity.

The week has been no fun, boo-hoo, grueling for tedious taskmasters is always a bore, but we, alas, we spare few, we insignificant troubadours of the underworld gather into our catacombs once more for-whah?

What he say?! Troubadours of the underworld-? Haha! Who this guy think he is?! Béla Lugosi?!

I think he’s one of those actor-turned-“I’m gonna-change-the-world-with-my-words” kinda guy.

Oh…One of those guys? Really?

Zip it, would you?! But yea probably. Want some of this hot za?

Ahhhh! Definately bro! …Sho-hooof-gifs-ah-faa-lyin-fuck-whut-shum-bum-from Pennsylvania thinks? And what did you put in this pizza? Taste like dog shit dude. Like, serious dog S-H-I-T.

It’s not what’s in the pizza that should bother you, but what’s going on it…

HAHA! That sounds soooo campy man! Haha! What’s that- what’s that even mean-…wait…. really? You’re joking right.

Nope. Welcome to Saturday Night Slice… … …fucker.

And stick around after tonight’s Guts of It for news on next Saturday night’s blog!



Getting Published

Starting a blog/starting a love/starting a band/starting a book/losing one’s virginity/getting published for the first time, the title started as a whimsical joke for me at first, but “while I pondered, weak and weary,” I began to see…wow! This fucker really does fit!

*And with that I think I have exercised my two f-bomb-blog-drinking limit* …I think, hehehe.

So what am I talking about? Well, next Friday, I should be published online for the first time ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you…I’d like to thank the academy- and that joke is done. Anyhow, this news is really exciting for me, but I think what I’ve gotten most from this amazing-out-of-body-experience is the same thing when one looks back on what it was like their first time having sex, and that is…WOW! I REALLY SUCK AT THIS?! Annnd not in a good way.

But before you get the notion that I’m saying what I got published is crap, I’m not saying that. It’s special to me and always will be. I see what I was trying to do in the body of the story. The new ground I was trying to cover both in my voice, the narrative and its characters. But I also see where I was still clinging to what I had seen other writers do, like a nervous teenager mimicking a kiss from the Note Book, not realizing the perfect kiss is one entirely from one’s self. I am proud of the story and even more grateful to the website that will publish it. That pat of affirmation is a good feeling but has also become a drive to be better at what I do, take more risks and… read more classy pornography?!

I didn’t know where I was going with that, and as we all know metaphors are highly unstable contents. Just sayin.

Share your comments below about “your first,” have a great weekend, and we’ll see you back here next week at Midnight with my first published Short Story on Saturday Night Slice!