4 thoughts on “Risk of Rain

  1. The premise has a Lovecraftian feel to it, and the love the protagonist feels towards Caitlin is palpable. My only stumbling block is that I didn’t catch the transition between when the narrator’s audience shifts from being a retelling-to-the-world to being a letter to Caitlin. Risk of Rain is a compelling story that has a heart of pathos, and I’m looking forward to reading more of your stories!

    Thanks for sharing!


    PS – I read the post last night, while taking a break from sitting on the back porch with some friends, which I believe is the proper way to read your blog, so yay!

    • That is sooo cool you picked up on all those things! The Lovecraft-inspired to the artistic representation evoking pity or compassion! The story kinda seemed fated for that kind of an end. With that being said, I think I wanted to show a character who legitimately felt there was no way out on a level you could empathize with at the core (ergo, what Shakespeare’s crazed Montagues feel for their teenage Capulets: undying love). Haha oh man! I’d love to give a response to the stumbling block you mentioned but well, (don’t want to give away anything to those who haven’t read it) but my gmail is listed…I think?!lol

      P.S. THAT IS AWESOME! Yeah, sometimes I like the more “serious” quite reading sessions, and sometimes I like a more “chill” time for checking into a tale. I’m glad I could facilitate the good chill time

  2. I’m going to give the story another read, and see what I catch when it’s not Saturday night. Complex stories only really sink in on a repeat read, anyhow. What I did want to tell you is that last night, I woke up because my Doberman was freaking out about something in the back yard. That’s nothing abnormal, except lately, there have been shredded things on the back porch: the umbrella for the patio table, the grill cover. I became convinced that the “meteors” from your story were somehow responsible and that they were, in fact, in my backyard at the moment. If you wanted to write a story that would scare someone, I guess you just won the prize! 🙂 I thought it was atmospheric and evocative when I read it, but not scary-scary, if that makes sense. I have a different opinion now!


  3. That is freakin-sweet! Just get a handful of sparklers and you should be fine. Their bodies don’t respond to heat very kindly haha! Oh and by all means I like both those opinions for this story for sure! To me what I liked about the story is, this is a story about not one of the survivors of a “monster attack” but a victim. One of the ones that didn’t make it and the personal story of such a person. Madness/ suicide/paranoia. These are elements seen in scary stories and their minor characters since the beginning of the genre (especially with stories written in that Lovecraftian vibe you picked up on). I really wanted to give what I felt was a “more validated” response to all those feelings I mentioned. For me that feeling was: the inability to deal with loss due to a shared traumatic experience. This is what came of it as a result.

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