Saturday Night Slice #11 The Lady of The House

Good evening kiddies,
It had to be done, because the time was long overdue, I have returned from my year long slumber, the lid to my crypt’s tomb has slid aside, the fumes of decomposition a fruity fragrance of fermentation to me, to you the putrid quintessence of mortal finality. Do you wish to see the inner workings of illusion, of the macabre, of the moonlight, take my long emaciated fingers in the fleshy palm of your hand and let me lead you to,
The Lady of The House….

The honorary premiere of The Lady of The House can be read at Diabolique Magazine at:

The bridged version can also be read in the October issue of SNM Magazine:

Reviews of The Lady of the House:

“A tale of internal terror, showcasing the horror of transformation, deception and the Faustian consequences of insatiable desire.”
-Ken W. Hanley, editor of Diabolique Magazine,

“An interesting, slow-burning uncanny tale for a rainy afternoon.”
-The Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies